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Check out The Juggle, a new blog by Wall Street Journal columnist Sara Schaefer Munoz.  (I’m not 100% sold on the name, but it might grow on me.) “The Juggle” aims to discuss all the issues that pertain to the modern family- stress of finding the right caregiver, trying to finish your neverending “to do” list, and managing to do your actual day job – all at the same time.

I liked what I read at first, especially about fake workplace productivity problems  (for those who care, I suffer from PCAST with a small case of my own diagnosis,”Nannyitis“).  And I’m totally glad to see another mainstream paper getting on the blogosphere bandwagon.  Guess I’ll add it to my Feeds… how will I ever “Juggle” all the stuff I have to read!?


Are older women worse mothers? According to a new study, published by ABC News, the answer is no. The study, conducted by researchers at USC, compared stress levels and physical health of older mothers versus their younger counterparts.  (Note: all the older women had their children using Assisted Reproductive Technology).  Apparently, there was no difference in stress levels or physical issues between the two groups.
I can understand why many women want to put off having children until later in life because they don’t want to “get off the escalator.” I get it. But, I think the key part of this study, as it notes, the women who do wait until later in life are usually more well-off financially (since they can afford these assisted reproductive techniques).  I also have to imagine that these older women having babies also have lots of help because they can afford it, and because they need it. They must. Working and taking care of a baby is exhausting. 

Even my mom (of childbearing age according to these researchers) is beyond exhausted after spending one day with my son. And she didn’t birth him! Memo to researchers- please put into better perspective your research results so women over “normal” childbearing age don’t get their hopes up too much that it will be as easy for them as their younger counterparts. Ok, I’m off my soapbox now.

My friend Trudy Robinson who owns a really cute maternity and baby boutique, Kickin’, in Chicago, is having a great event tomorrow night. It’s from 6-9 pm and she’ll be serving “mocktails” and appetizers. 15% of proceeds go to local breast cancer research. Kickin’ is at 2142 W. Roscoe.

I hope to be able to make it!

My husband reminded me yesterday of one of my biggest complaints when pregnant- riding public transportation. Ever tried it?? Never have I encountered ruder people then when I was very pregnant riding the subway (“El”) to my office in downtown Chicago. Of the hundreds of times I took the El, I can count on ONE hand the amount of times someone offered me their seat – or even a pole to lean on.  And guess who the ones were who actually did offer me a seat – you guessed it – women.

Men: what’s the deal? We know you don’t know what it’s like to be preggo, but if you see a woman waddling her way onto the train, can’t you stand up!? Please!

Reading this story put my situation with my nanny into perspective. I can’t believe this goes on in our day and age. I’m never moving to PA!