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Chicago is supposed to get it’s first big snowstorm of ’06 tonight, which means I’m going to have to bust out the boots and down parka tomorrow on my day off with my son.  But as a fashionable mom, how am I going to avoid looking like the State Puff Marshmallow Man when the cold weather hits the streets?

My theory on foul-weather gear is buy from the big brands and avoid the boutiques.  I find that the brand name goes a long way for reliability when the weather gets rough and the big brands usually come with a lifetime guarantee.

So without further ado, here are my favorite cold weather items for fashionable moms:
Every mom who lives north of Kansas needs a good pair of warm boots.  That’s why I bought Uggs. I know, I know, they are so “out.”  But moms, they really work, and are super warm and comfy while pushing Junior down Michigan Avenue.  I have the Ultimate II, but I wish I got the Uptown II (to the left, love the black). 

landsend.jpgAnother good, lower-cost option is a boot I saw from Land’s End.  I usually think Lands End = Land of Dowdy, but, these quilted boots are adorable. And they are lined with Polartec. What more could a mom want?  Working moms: Check out Tamara’s advice for “commuter shoes.”

Of course, all fashionable moms need a durable jacket that looks flattering, not fattening.  My pick is the North Face Metropolis Parka.  Filled with down, it wears well in mom-land AND at the office. Buy this coat, and you will never need to wear anything else.  North Face updated the Metropolis this year with new fun colors.

Gloves: North Face wins out again for me on gloves. You cannot beat their windproof version when pushing baby in the stroller.  Your hands will love you.  

Hats: This is a sore subject for me, since I have a rather large head (don’t laugh).  So it’s hard for me to find hats that I like and that fit.  I really liked this one from Banana Republic (to the left), but it didn’t fit (shocker). So I’m reusing the one I got last year from Marmot.

With these four key pieces you can build a great cold-weather mom wardrobe.  Now, off to the snow!


My friend Trudy Robinson who owns a really cute maternity and baby boutique, Kickin’, in Chicago, is having a great event tomorrow night. It’s from 6-9 pm and she’ll be serving “mocktails” and appetizers. 15% of proceeds go to local breast cancer research. Kickin’ is at 2142 W. Roscoe.

I hope to be able to make it!

My husband reminded me yesterday of one of my biggest complaints when pregnant- riding public transportation. Ever tried it?? Never have I encountered ruder people then when I was very pregnant riding the subway (“El”) to my office in downtown Chicago. Of the hundreds of times I took the El, I can count on ONE hand the amount of times someone offered me their seat – or even a pole to lean on.  And guess who the ones were who actually did offer me a seat – you guessed it – women.

Men: what’s the deal? We know you don’t know what it’s like to be preggo, but if you see a woman waddling her way onto the train, can’t you stand up!? Please!