I have a dilemma.  Next week, my company is hosting a “kids” holiday party, fit with a live Santa and all things holiday-related. But there is a problem.  I hate the holiday season.  I’ve always hated the holiday season.  You can’t get any of your normal activities done with relative ease, and the mus-aack is way to cheery for me.  I’m don’t even celebrate Christmas for crying out loud! Bah Humbug.

There are plenty of secular Jews out there who decorate a tree and pretend that Christmas is their holiday too.  Not this one.  Call me Scrooge, but I don’t want my son celebrating Christmas.  I don’t want silly photos of him on Santa’s lap – they’ll just end up at the bottom of our junk drawer.  I don’t want him to leave cookies out for Santa on Christmas eve – I’ll just end up eating them.  I don’t want him opening presents on Christmas Day – he’ll get plenty of stuff for Hannukah. 

So this is my plan of attack: I’m going to avoid clueing him into Christmas at all costs until he’s old enough to figure it out himself.  This means: no photos, no holiday outfits, no cheesy songs.  No Christmas.

I may sound like Mrs. Grinch, but I think this approach is better than me having to tell him in 10 years that Santa doesn’t really exist.  Bah Humbug.

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