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I’m not a website critic, but I thought readers of Interior Office would be interested to know about websites for parents that I find.   So in that vein, I’ll review from my perspective a new off-beat parenting webzine, Babble, that launched today.  It’s from the creators of the webzine, Nerve, which I’ll admit I’d never heard of nor visited before today. 

Anyway, Babble is geared towards the “new urban parent.” I’m assuming, from looking at the site and reading the press release that this means anyone who lives in a rather urban environment (check), recently had kids, or has youngsters (check) and doesn’t want to be bothered with advice like, “how do I put my baby on a sleep schedule” advice and tips (check).  I like the site’s irreverant attitude towards the nuances of parenting.

Overall, there seems to be a lot (I mean A LOT) of interesting content to read.  Having not breastfed, I enjoyed Marjorie Ingall’s article, “The Breastfeeding Conspiracy.” I like that you can comment on such articles.  Babble also contains many blogs, which at first glance seem to use the f-word at liberty.  Hey, we are on the internet, right?

Babble also contains a fashion section and products section where I found the cutest hand-knit cowboy boots for my son (thank you honey) and an entertainment section where you can find great children’s books.  You can even upload your own baby video (I’ll pass, I don’t like to pimp out my son on the internet even though he’s damn cute), and chat on the various message boards.

I think the site’s only real downfall is that there is almost TOO much to read.  I’m not sure how often they are going to update the content, but as a working mom, I think it would take me a week just to get through what is on the site today.  And that’s if I did nothing else than read or comment on Babble.

But maybe that’s the point- is there ever an end to a baby’s babbling?

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