I have a response to Leslie Morgan Steiner of the Washington Post.  Steiner recently blogged about some high powered moms discussing the fact that being a mom helped them get to the positions they are in today at their jobs.  The moms discussed in the article were Nancy Pelosi and Carly Fiorina.  Apparently they both alluded to the fact that without being a mom they could never be in the position to be the Speaker of the House (Pelosi) or CEO of a Fortune 500 company (Fiorina).

Steiner doesn’t buy it.  But, I think there is something to be said of the skills you learn when becoming a mother that well, others just don’t have. A short list:

  • Multitasking:  Who else can blow dry her hair, put on makeup AND make sure baby is fed, dressed and hasn’t crashed down the stairs all at the same time?
  • Pain Management:  Labor and delivery- ’nuff said.
  • Researching:  I’ve never been so good at finding stuff on the internet since I had my baby. Who knew there are websites out there just for flouridated water!?
  • Stamina:  No matter how long a day you have at work, whether you’ve gone to NY and back (ahem) in a day, you can function beautifully on as little as 5 hours of sleep.
  • With skills like these, I’d hire me in a minute!