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Since it will be tough to find time to blog over the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to get this one out in time before you fashionable moms put in your holiday present requests.  I’ve already made some suggestions on how to be a fashionable mom, and I now I’m adding beauty to this list.  It’s hard WORK to try to look beautiful on a daily basis. (I fail at least 50% of the time).  But these products below make your job of looking wonderful wonderfully easy. 

  • Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick:  Moms- this concealer foundation stick really works to cover up blemishes, dark circles (you can’t avoid those now!) and just about anything on your face.  Plus, it lasts forever- I’ve had the same stick for over 8 months now! $38.
  • Bare Escentuals Lip Guard:  For as long as I can remember I have been searching far and wide for the perfect Lip Balm- one that has a tint, SPF and conditions your lips.  Last weekend I found it in Bare Escentuals Lip Guard.  I haven’t put it down since.  It comes in 3 natural looking colors, stays on well and my lips are so soft.  Perfect for those of us who want to give our lips some color without marking up our babies faces with lipstick.  $14.
  • Fresh Supernova Mascara:  Let’s put it this way- my 8 month old son has way better eyelashes than I do.  That’s why I can’t live without Fresh’s Supernova Mascara.  This mascara makes it appear that I actually HAVE eyelashes.  A modern miracle.  Worth every $25 you’ll spend on a tube.
  • TiinC Turbo Ion Ceramic Hair Dryer:  Time is precious when you have children, right? So why waste it blow drying your hair?  You won’t if you get this hair dryer.  It saves me 10 minutes each day, EASY.  Plus it’s so light (it weighs in under 1 lb.) that your baby-carrying-tired arms will thank you.  It’s costly at $150, but it’s on sale at Hairfanatic.com.
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