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Seems like every celebrity has a baby (or 2) these days.  Between Suri, Jayden, Violet, and Matilda, Hollywood moms do not lack for NMFs.  Joining the baby brigade is one thing, but being a voice for working moms is another.  It seems of late that Hollywood actresses are consistently being featured and asked by journalists about what it’s like to be a working mom. 

This week alone, Patricia Arquette was interviewed on Today, Tina Fey appeared on The View, and Annette Bening was interviewed on Women24.com about their thoughts on balancing career and family.

THESE are the women we have to listen to about balancing work and raising kids?  I’m not trying to be bitter, but ‘scuse me for not pitying the Hollywood moms who can afford any amount of childcare, get to bring their kids to work AND take major amounts of time off between projects.  They still get to go to the gym, get their hair blown out and have a stylist pick out their clothes.  Sometimes it even seems that their baby is just another cute accessory they get to wear.

I can handle celebrities discussing areas I don’t know so much about like what it’s like to adopt a child from Africa, how they lost 75 pounds on a diet, what they wore to the Oscars and how they’re going to Save Darfur.  But when it starts to tred on territory I’m familiar with it starts to irk me. 

You don’t see me auditioning for a part on a new NBC pilot, do you?