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You can’t be a new mom, working or not working, with 1 kid or 11, without having had a bad hair day.  Hair is the one element of a mom’s appearance that’s most often made fun of (I’m still trying to forget Carol Brady’s mullet) but can make the most difference in how you look on a daily basis.  And ladies, let’s not kid ourselves that we actually wash or brush our hair on a daily basis (Laura Bennett of “Project Runway” admits to this as well).  We have things to do, people to see, children to take care of, and meetings at work.  Hair to a new mom is mostly an afterthought, remembered only when you catch a glimpse of your rat’s nest full of drool in the rearview mirror.

True story: one of my best MFs (not new) didn’t wash her hair when her son was born for SIX days (she didn’t wash her baby for six weeks when he was born either, but that’s a whole other story).  Luckily for her, she was blessed with the hair that we dream of.  Dry but not frizzy, long but not Crystal Gayle-like, and when unwashed still looks like she just dried it.

Now to the rest of us.  Our luscious locks of pregnancy have now given way to split ends, and frizzy pieces of new hair that make us (me) look like Frankenstein (what are these things!!??).  We don’t have time to wash and dry our hair all the time and yet, we know if we don’t do something about it, everyone will notice. But I’m not here to complain.  I want to try to provide some real solutions to this issue.  Personally, not only do I have a case of “the frizzies,” but I’m also trying to grow out bangs I cut when my son was 3 months old (I’m blaming a new-mom stupor for this).  

That is why, through this blog, I’d like to declare my love for my favorite two hair accessories to fix a bad hair moment (my new term): the bobby pin and the headband. These are the best, yet most under-utilized pieces of hair accessories around.  The headband is making a stellar comeback this year, but you’d be surprise the number of working mom and NMFs I have that don’t utilize them!  For frizzies, grease, and just plain old nastiness, bobby pins and headbands can do wonders for you.  And you don’t even need fancy ones. A plain old Goody bobby pin or drugstore-purchased headband will do.  You don’t need rhinestones or flowers or vintage fabrics (these stretch out anyway) to make it work.  All you need are the basics to fix a bad hair moment.   Here are some tips:

1)     The front layer “pouf.” This is my favorite. Take the front part of your hair (if you have long bangs this works) and pin them back against the top of your head so the top part sticks up a little bit.  Best thing about the “pouf” is that it works when your hair is down AND in a ponytail!

2)     The ponytail “wraparound.”  The wraparound is when your hair is in a ponytail and you leave an extra piece out to wrap around your ponytail. It instantly looks way more glamorous than the nasty ponytail holder from yesterday.

3)     The headband.  No explanation needed. The headband can take you from the office to your baby and hide the grease all at the same time. I just bought a plaid one from Target. V cute. 

That’s all I got for now, ladies.  I’m off to wash my hair.