Working moms face similar issues no matter the country in which they live.  For examples, I came across this article in called “Family is hard for biz women.”  In the article, Zhou Juemin, general manager of Shanghai Jinguoyuan Group is quoted as saying, “Compared with Western career women, the role of Chinese women is more complicated.” As Zhou goes on to explain, “We are always seeking a balance between our traditional role of wife and mother, and a successful career, but conflicts always exist.” 

Heard this one before?  I have.  Zhou’s advice to balance this? To transition to a “mommy” role once the work day is over.  She says, “they [mothers] are general managers at work but when they are at home they are just a wife and a mother.” 

This is starting to sound eerily familiar.  The transition from work-mode to home-mode is immediate once you enter the door.  You change from a power suit to a track suit.  You forget about PowerPoints and email and worry about veggies and bath time.  You forget who you are at work and you become “mom” to those who matter.  I don’t think you have to live in China to realize that.