Today and tomorrow I’m attending the Conference Board 2006 Extending Your Brand to Employees Conference.  I am getting some great insights that will help my work, and the conference is full of working moms for me to talk to.  I heard two great examples today of how companies are helping moms. Here goes.

Amy Davis of the Mayo Clinic told us today that when her son was sick and she didn’t want to leave him at home when she went to work, that the clinic has a nurse dedicated to taking care of and watching employees’ sick children.  What a great way of truly delivering on your brand promise AND making a working mom have an easier day. Love it.

Equally as interesting is what I heard from the head of HR of the law firm Goodwin Proctor.  Apparently they have on site day care at all of their offices so working moms can bring their kids to on site day care at their home office AND take them on the road if they wish.  A dream! That would bring this working mother some peace on a business trip.