Moms of the world: You are only as fashionable as your worst pair of socks.  I’m serious.  This occurred to me the other day when I hung out with my very fashionable MF (she’s not N).  She showed up to my house in heels and a cute coat.  She looked great.  As custom insists, she took off her shoes when she entered my house.  It was then that I saw her fashion pitfall- a huge hole in the sock.  I was shocked. How could my fashionable MF have a hole-y sock!?  But it’s simple, really. In the office, it doesn’t matter for your outfit if you wear a sock that has a hole (or two).  But in this new mom world I live in, socks really do matter. You take your shoes off almost all the time when doing mom/baby activities.  And as I’ve now learned, a bad pair of socks can really ruin an otherwise fashionable presence.

My advice? Run to the Gap. They’re 3 for $15. Your feet will thank you.