Interesting New York Times article today about how business travel brings some working mothers peace (note the qualifier “some”) and a night off to have “me” time. Hmmm… seems like the mothers they interviewed for the article had two very important factors involved in their trips:
– They either went to “cool” cities (like Las Vegas)
– Or stayed in fabulous hotels (I’ve never stayed at the Four Seasons for work)

Furthermore, it seemed the working mothers in this article had husbands who had very flexible schedules- KEY to making business travel work for a working mom.  For those of us who have had to travel for work to not such cool cities and stay in not so nice hotels, I don’t think business travel feels as good.  I’ve only had to travel once since I’ve been back for a day trip, and I was totally stressed out and exhausted by it.  I have one colleague who travels twice a month.  Another working mom colleague is dreading her first business trip.  I may have to go abroad next month for work, and my husband already told me I need at least 3 weeks notice- he doesn’t exactly fall into the “flexible work schedule” model.  The amount that I would need to plan for this trip abroad (not to Europe, either) seems a bit daunting.

Business travel peaceful? Hmm… I’ll tell you the next time I get put up at the Ritz.