An article about appropriate work-wear in the New York Times not only  got me thinking about what to wear to the office, but how to dress as a new mom. Having recently had a baby and gone through many body changes, I think dressing for the new “you” (inside and out) can be rather challenging. Being a mom requires a different wardrobe entirely than a working woman. I remember vividly a mom-colleague of mine telling me how she didn’t have anything to wear on Fridays, her day off from work (and this mom doesn’t want to be caught dead in sweats.)  If you’ve been working for awhile it’s pretty easy to put together a presentable work outfit. But how to put together a fashionable mom outfit that will withstand spit up, baby food and messy diapers? Well it’s a whole new challenge.

So I’m putting together a “Mom Fashion Survival Kit” of what I think the “new mom” fashion must-haves are for this fall.
A coordinated sweat suit- key here is the word “coordinated.” All moms want to be comfy and wear sweats. If you can manage a matching sweatsuit, well you’ll not only be comfy but look great. Target makes great velour ones (lived it that during my pregnancy).

A pair of HIGH rise jeans- yes, ladies, they make these now, and with your new mom body, you can’t afford to wear low rise for awhile.  I like Paige Denim.

Sweater coat- This has been my life saver this fall. Not sure about you, but I find running around after my son makes me HOT all the time. That’s why a sweater coat is so great. You can layer it when you get hot, but it’s really warm too.  I got 2 this fall- Old Navy (for real) and one by Vince.

A pair of street sneakers- Now that you’re out of the office for a little while, you can’t be wearing heels traipsing to the grocery store.  A good, neutral pair of street sneaks will help you look great while running to get formula. I love the slip-on Converse. (Easy on and off is KEY!)

Hope this helps. Watch soon for my new mom fashion DON’Ts list soon.