Rachel Mosteller of Blogging Baby wrote a post that I find fascinating- parents who “tag team” taking care of their kids. One parent works, and then comes home and then the other parent goes to their job. I guess the rationale of this is that the child always has one parent watching after them (no nanny cam needed). But the downside (and a huge one I think) is the lack of time parents get to spend with each other. Does the supposed benefit of having your child with one parent all day outweigh parents not spending time with each other? As a working mother with a husband who works as well, I just don’t see how this benefits the child. Yes, it might be better to have a parent at home vs. a caretaker, but there are plenty of qualified wonderful caretakers out there who are a good substitute. Plus, I can’t see how parents are happy not seeing each other. And common sense dictates- happy parents are good parents.